We really do need your help!

The club is a collective for all members. With the exception of the Head Coach, everyone involved within the club is an unpaid volunteer. We need regular volunteers to…

  • Take registers for swimmers entering poolside for all the sessions
  • Assist with officiating duties (see below for further details) at competitions
  • Assist with poolside teaching/coaching (following the required training courses)

Please do remember that this is YOUR club!

Gala officials

Swim England laws and rules dictate the number and type of Officials that should be officiating at a gala. All these Officials ensure that galas are run smoothly and fairly.

Please be willing to support your child’s swimming by taking up training opportunities related to ‘Officials’ status and offering your help at these and other events.

If you are interested then please speak to the Club Desk on a Tuesday who will be happy to discuss what is involved.